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Written by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Art by Joe Jusko

Get 4 hardcover books (Tarzan® 21-24) of the
Edgar Rice Burroughs Authorized Library™
for the price of 3!

Tarzan the Magnificent (Tarzan® Book 21)

Written by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Cover art and frontispiece by Joe Jusko
Foreword by Wolf Larson
and afterword by Henry G. Franke III

The half-dead American raved of an unknown city…of women warriors ruled by a malignant wizard…of a great diamond, the Gonfal, with strange  hypnotic power…of a long-lost English nobleman…of the savage queen who had betrayed her duty and helped him to escape. Tarzan puts little faith into Stanley Wood’s story—until he sees the power of the Gonfal draw the American in spite of himself back into the clutches of the Amazons of Kaji. Then it is that the ape-man becomes once more the implacable hunter—for though he cares nothing for diamonds or lost civilizations, no one may be allowed to harm a man the Lord of the Jungle has taken under his protection.

Tarzan and “The Foreign Legion” (Tarzan® Book 22)

Written by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Cover art and frontispiece by Joe Jusko
Foreword by Robert B. Zeuschner
and afterword by Henry G. Franke III

When an American bomber crashes in the jungles of enemy-held Sumatra, the survivors face the perils of a completely unknown world…and the RAF colonel who flew with them as observer only seems to compound their danger by going mad—stripping to a loincloth and throwing away his weapons except for his knife. But for Colonel John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, the hazards of wild beasts and a remorseless enemy are a familiar and joyously accepted challenge—a chance to return to his true identity of Tarzan of the Apes. Gathering a motley crew of allies of many nations, Tarzan works a terrible vengeance on the occupying Japanese and leads an epic trek to the coast—to a final ocean rendezvous with enemies human and inhuman.

Tarzan and the Madman (Tarzan® Book 23)

Written by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Cover art and frontispiece by Joe Jusko
Foreword by Thomas Yeates
and afterword by Henry G. Franke III

The drums boom forth an incredible message from tribe to tribe—Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, has become an enemy to all, stealing and enslaving their women…as well as the daughter of an English millionaire, who offers a princely reward for her recapture and Tarzan’s death. Certainly her captor told Sandra Pickerall that he was Tarzan…but he also told her he was God…

Tarzan follows their trail with one thought in mind—to pursue and destroy the man who has stolen his name and made it infamous in the jungle world he loves.

Tarzan and the Castaways (Tarzan® Book 24)

Written by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Cover art and frontispiece by Joe Jusko
Foreword by Joe Jusko
and afterword by Henry G. Franke III

Stranded on an uncharted Pacific island, Tarzan is forced to take command of an ill-sorted party—English aristocrats, a Dutch officer, a woman of doubtful reputation—to ensure their safety from a band of mutineers led by a madman. A lost colony of Mayans, avid for potential victims for their barbarous human sacrifices, only add to their danger. But the Lord of the Jungle has unexpected allies… Cast away with his band is a shipment of African animals unknown to the island, striking terror in the hearts of the Mayans and mutineers alike—but old friends and familiar antagonists to the man brought up among them…Tarzan of the Apes.

The Edgar Rice Burroughs Authorized Library

For the first time ever, the Edgar Rice Burroughs Authorized Library presents the complete literary works of the Master of Adventure in uniform hardcover editions. Published by the company founded by Mr. Burroughs in 1923, each volume of the Authorized Library is packed with extras and rarities not to be found in any other edition. From cover art and frontispieces by legendary artist Joe Jusko to forewords and afterwords by today’s authorities and luminaries to a treasure trove of bonus materials mined from the company’s extensive archives in Tarzana, California, the Edgar Rice Burroughs Authorized Library will take you on a journey of wonder and imagination you will never forget.

Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master of Adventure

The creator of the immortal characters Tarzan of the Apes and John Carter of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs is one of the world’s most popular authors. His timeless tales of heroes and heroines transport readers from the jungles of Africa and the dead sea bottoms of Barsoom to the miles-high forests of Amtor and the savage inner world of Pellucidar, and even to alien civilizations beyond the farthest star. Mr. Burroughs’ books are estimated to have sold hundreds of millions of copies, and they have spawned 60 films and 250 television episodes.

Joe Jusko: Visionary Artist

Joe Jusko is among today’s most acclaimed fantasy, pin-up, and comic artists. His work has been featured on book and comic posters, and on the much-praised 1992 Marvel Masterpieces trading cards. Jusko is a recipient of myriad industry honors, including a Certificate of Merit from the Society of Illustrators and a 2001 Chesley Award nomination. Fittingly, he was born on September 1, sharing his birthday with Edgar Rice Burroughs. Jusko’s longtime love of Burroughs’ work continues to inspire him in illustrating the Authorized Library and bringing the author’s creative vision to life.

Copyright Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Tarzan®, Tarzan of the Apes®, Lord of the Jungle®, Tarzan and Jane®, John Clayton™, Lord Greystoke™, Tarzan Yell®, The Tarzan Twins™, Jane Porter®, Jane Clayton™, Lady Greystoke™, Korak™, Korak the Killer™, Meriem™, Jad-bal-ja™, Nkima™, La of Opar™, Opar™, Gryf™, Mangani™, John Carter®, John Carter of Mars®, Barsoom, Amtor, Pellucidar, and Beyond the Farthest Star™ owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Associated logos, characters, names, and the distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks or registered trademarks of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

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