Tarzan Official Open Edition Hand-Painted Cold Cast Porcelain Statue


For a century the mighty Lord of the Jungle has captured the hearts and the imagination of people of all ages who love action and adventure.

In this special Centennial Anniversary statue, internationally acclaimed artist Joe DeVito captures the rugged essence of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ creation: Tarzan’s perfectly coordinated form, sculpted by nature, radiates power and animal grace. His blade, as always, is ever ready to protect and defend his beloved realm and its animals from all who would harm it.

Intertwined in the base that supports Tarzan, we see the key characters in his saga: Jane, the love of his life; Kerchak, his mortal enemy; D’Arnot, who introduced him to European civilization; and his noble jungle companions, Tantor the elephant and the Golden Lion. Riding a trusted vine, secure in his iron grip, the Jungle Lord symbolically arcs with them into a new century.

This Centennial Edition statue of TARZAN OF THE APES brings to vibrant life, in three kinetic dimensions, the spectacular hero that Edgar Rice Burroughs created in literature so many years ago.

Join us now and celebrate 100 years of ~ TARZAN OF THE APES, LORD OF THE JUNGLE!

Official open-edition hand-painted cold-cast porcelain centennial sculpture

Each Statue Uniquely Hand-Painted in Amazing Life-Like Detail
15 Inches Tall, Including Base
Available August 2012
Sculpted By Award-Winning Internationally Renowned Artist Joe DeVito


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Tarzan Official Open Edition Hand-Painted Cold Cast Porcelain Statue

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 10 in