Jane Porter®: The Primordial Peril (Mass Market Edition)


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Tarzan’s Jane Porter dives into her own adventure in this historic comic book published by the company founded by Edgar Rice Burroughs himself.


Archaeologist Jane Porter returns to her dig site in the Aleutian Islands to find it taken over by her nemesis, a rival scientist whose evil plans begin with resurrecting terrors of the past—and will only lead to a horror even more unthinkable.

Jane Porter: The Primordial Peril is a 32-page comic book with a full 24 pages of story. It is written by Mike Wolfer, with the story, series concept, and expanded canon by ERB, Inc.’s Director of Publishing Christopher Paul Carey and Wolfer. The gorgeous cover art is by Miriana Puglia and the interior art is by acclaimed illustrator Roy Allan Martinez, with lettering by Natalie Jane. Rounding out the creative team is interior colorist Diego Vazquez and cover colorist Bruna Costa. This is the first-ever comic book story published directly by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., the company founded by Mr. Burroughs in 1923, making it a unique, must-have item for your comic book and Edgar Rice Burroughs collections.

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Dimensions 10.25 × 6.5 in

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